Help Me Do Better

John 14:14 “If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it.”

Wesley Chapel UMC in College Grove, TN has a Tuesday morning prayer meeting at 7:15 am. Several of us gather for fellowship and prayer each week and share this time together praying to God for various things. We give thanks, ask for direction, supplication and etcetera. This is an unstructured time. People can pray at the same time, sit quietly, wonder around the church, or whatever else they need to do in order that they may commune with God. Prayer is a spiritual discipline that is vital to our spiritual wellbeing.

Through prayer we build and nourish our relationship with God. Why else would we pray to God who know what we are going to pray about beforehand? Prayer is a conversation with God. All of our relationships are built on communication. The most important of our relationships should be as well. An issue that I’ve often heard as a pastor is that God doesn’t answer our prayers. By the way, God answers all of our prayers. However there are several reasons that it may seem God hasn’t answered our prayers.

Many people spend long hours in prayer but neglect to ever listen for a reply. Remember prayer is a conversation. How long would you talk with someone who never let you speak? God is infinitely patient even in that regard but how do we expect God to answer when we never take the time to look for God’s answer. At least half if not more of our prayer time should be contemplating and listening for God’s answer.

The second reason people miss the answer to their prayers is because the answer is unexpected. God often answers our prayers in ways that we do not understand and are unexpected. Many times God uses the people that are already in our lives to answer our prayers as well. Again we need to take the time to look and see if the prayer is truly unanswered.

A third reason our prayers seem to go unanswered is we tend to forget that no is often a completely understandable and appropriate response to our prayer. Good parents often say no to their children. No can protect us from harm and sinful behavior. God is not a wish fulfillment provider or a genie. No is an answer to a wide range of requests from $1,000,000 to I want to be taller.

The final reason was summed up very well today in the prayer group I mentioned. Often we don’t pray in Jesus name even though we say we are… Let me try to explain. Just because we add, “In Jesus’ name we pray,” at the end of the prayer doesn’t mean we are truly invoking Hid name. When we truly pray in Jesus’ name we are praying as Jesus would pray. We pray that God’s will be done, that we are able to submit, that our actions are pleasing to God, and we are praying not simply for our personal needs but for the Kingdom. Our prayers should line up with our Christian walk. We should pray for our enemies, our foes, and even those we don’t like. Today this was summed up by a man who simply and humbly prayed, “God, help me do better.”

Help me do better. God knows all that happening in our lives. God knows our needs as well as our wants and desires. God knows what aspects of our selves we’ve been working on and those areas that need work. God even knows how we fall short. The prayer to help me be better is great. It encompasses all that we need to say. I have fallen short, I have not given up and am working hard, help me to do better.

My prayer for all of us throughout the world is thus, “God, help us do better.” Amen

This is this pastor’s opinion, what’s yours?


Pastor Tom


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