That’s Just Silly


After two years of neglect I’ve decided to renew my efforts at blogging. I am committing to updating my blog at least once a week. I hope it may prove interesting even if the update is simply a preview of a sermon. You may get to see some of the thought processes that go into sermon preparation. So without further ado here is this pastor’s opinion.

This past week during the children’s message I asked the question, “What are our treasures?” I had a range of ages from two to ten or so. Some of the children know that in church the leader of children’s time is looking for particular answers and they try too oblige. Included in the answers were the fact that Jesus loved them and that we should store treasures in heaven. One young man or seven of eight answered that his treasures were, “bubble gum and comics!”

The congregation loves Children’s time in part because you never know what the children will say. Often times the children say very profound things but usually they are simply cute in their naivety. This day’s bubble gum and comics answer brought some light laughs and a beaming smile from the young man. His most prized possessions were bubble gum and comics. If he had a safe that is what would be in it.

It occurred to me that people thought his treasures were a bit silly.
Sure they are important to a child but not to us as adults. For we have outgrown our childlike ways. Right? Right? Rigggght! What do we consider to be our treasures? Gold, silver, cars and trucks? Maybe our treasures are really important things like houses, guns, and maybe even our routines. I began to wonder if when we talk about our earthly treasures, for that is what most people think about when thinking about treasure, if God and the heavenly host begin to snicker at our naivety.SILLINESS-copy


In the grand scheme I doubt any of our earthly treasure will matter. What will count us as God’s children is how we use those treasure to enhance somebody else’s life. All we have is truly a gift from God and like all gifts of God they are intended to remain gifts. If we start to posses gifts they instantly lose the power of being from God. The gifts must continue to be given out to those in need whether that need is economic, cultural, political, physical, or spiritual. We will all suffer from one form of poverty or another at some point in our lives. Our goal, which I believe is God’s will, is to reach out and meet people’s needs with the multiple gifts provided for us by God.

In keeping the gifts circulating as gifts we are able to help people experience the love, mercy, and grace that comes not from us but through us from God. I urge you all to reflect upon your earthly treasures and see how to use them to help fulfill the Kingdom of God here on earth thereby saving treasures in heaven.

That is the pastor’s opinion.

Blessings to you,

Pastor Tom.


2 thoughts on “That’s Just Silly

  1. loved this! will show you my “treasures” sometime. I keep a pouch in my purse filled with “treasures”. a seashell, a few foreign coins, some rocks that say “hope”, “faith”, “believe”, etc, a couple of guardian angels people have given me, a list of Bible references for different feelings, a rock Dennis gave me, etc. Melissa calls it my “voodoo pouch”. I love it. guess I should put my new Rubble in there (a Paw Patrol character) that Liam gave me to bring back to TN to “play with when I’m lonely”. LOL!

    I, too love the kid’s services 1) because of the wonderful things the kids say and 2) because there’s always a message there for adults, too!

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