Summer of Transformation

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAK9AAAAJGM0NzM3NDg5LTEwOTgtNDA3Zi05OTIxLTc4M2YzMDdlMGYyMwI am excited! This is an incredible time to be a Christian. The work is rewarding, gratifying, and plentiful. The work is so plentiful that one person cannot possibly even make a dent in the needs around them. The work is so plentiful that one person would be tempted to quit being overwhelmed by the struggle. The great thing is that the workers are not alone, being surrounded by God. One would think that the workload would diminish as time went on but like God’s other gifts the workload seems to grow as we work. Are we doing something wrong? Did we not read the will of God correctly? Is something amiss in the way we behave as Christians? Probably.

We tend to allow ourselves comfort. We get comfortable and forget that we are a called people. We forget that we are living in exile. We are simply sojourners here on earth. We wrongly think that becoming Christians and being baptized is the end. Becoming a Christian, becoming aware of the salvation that awaits us, being baptized is only the beginning! We are called to live for Jesus Christ. We are not called to a life of comfort, for that is not life abundant. Life abundant includes others, others that have not yet heard the Good News! So what are we to do? As a church we are called to lead people to Christ but how can we lead if we don’t know where we are going? We must leave our comfort zones, try new things, and mature as Christians.

If Not Now? WhenThis summer I challenge each of you to try something new. Add a spiritual discipline into your faith walk, participate more in church activities/leadership, and resetting your focus on how Christ desires for us to live. To that end Westview is having a Summer of Transformation! We will be offering financial classes, a new version of Vacation Bible School, and a Bible Study based on the book “What’s the Least I Can Believe and Still Be a Christian?” by Martin Thielen. As we deepen our relationship with God we will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the gifts that are showered out upon us. I hope that you can attend but if for some reason you cannot attend, like you live far away and are reading this on my blog, please examine your relationship with God. Read, study, and immerse yourself in God’s love for you. The benefits of growing in our faith far outweigh the pains of change and growth.

Transformed-slide-titleI pray that each of you find the deepest of relationships with God and all of the people God came for and to. This is this pastor’s opinion, what’s yours?


Pastor Tom



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